Sunday, 22 July 2012

Holiday Haul

I'm back from spain with plenty to tat in tow! We found this flea market in Barcelona selling anything from weird naked dolls to rocks, old shoes and chandeliers.
I had fun haggling in half-hearted Spanish and awkward hand gestures but managed to come away with some skull beads, a cheap bag of buttons and chandelier crystals (I'm blaming my nostalgia for Crystal Maze) that you will no doubt see featured on this blog in the near future. I also bought a velvet bum bag (YES) and a leopard tassel necklace. 
I will be crafting to my heart's content this week if I'm not too distracted by the sunny Bournemouth beach.

An old man selling some old crap

My all time fave ShoeZone £2 shoes
Helen x


  1. Great photos!

  2. I have honestly been trying to find flip flops like yours ALL SUMMER.. Shoezone? Why didn't I think of that place? Lovely photos too!




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