Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sir Paul Smith // YCN // Heart Agency

Last week we had an illustrator's sleepover in London.
Felt like being back at school as our tutor Joel organised some amazing things for us to do.
We had a talk by YCN who briefed us on this years competition and other exciting things they do for young creatives.
We also swung by Heart Agency where we learnt about the brilliance of having an agent and how I'm not going to be successful because all the illustrators they represent are shitting amazing.
But best of all we only went and met SIR PAUL SMITH. He was so inspiring and kindly showed us all the departments of the fashion house explaining each process in depth. His mantra is just work your little bum off and things can happen. I got the chance to sake some awful Blackberry photos of his incredible office/studio. He will be my best friend one day.

I even got a cuddle!

I must buy myself a new camera.

Helen x

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