Monday, 14 May 2012

Colouring In

So I have decided I should probably reveal what I have been working on the past few weeks, despite my lack of pride (I cringe every time I watch it).
Warning - May contain Mother's breasts.

 Colouring In from Helen and the Gap on Vimeo.
'A short documentary film exploring the divergence between assumption and truth of what it is to be an art student. Family members share their perception of the typical student lifestyle, whilst video footage exposes the similar and sometimes contrasting reality. It examines the prejudices and stigmas attached to artists, how appearance and presumed reputation can be contributing factors of judging an individual. The focus is on the relationships between elder and younger family members, and is proof to all pessimist Mums that students do work hard at Art College as well as have a good time.'

And here are some of the original experimental edits to go alongside..

Failing to print rolfy from Helen and the Gap on Vimeo.

Those coloured drinks that come in bottles from Helen and the Gap on Vimeo.

i like art from Helen and the Gap on Vimeo.

smoke too much drink too much from Helen and the Gap on Vimeo.

Helen x

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