Friday, 22 October 2010

Foundation Exhibition

I exhibited this work for my end of year show at Stourbridge college in June 2010. Studying a Foundation Diploma was ridiculously brilliant.
Here is a snippet of my very posh supporting statement:

"..I wanted to celebrate the end of my childhood, and the start of my independence, by exploring where I had grown up and developed into an adult.
With the inspiration of Theme Park and Zoo guide maps, my concept developed into advertising Bridgnorth by promoting its dysfunctional community. In my opinion, the unique features and characteristics of the people I see everyday are of equal amusement as the historical attractions that bring tourists into the town. I wanted to explore the underlying issue of social rejection, and bring to light how these individuals that make up the fabric of life in Bridgnorth are stared or laughed at, similar to how we interact with animals in a zoo.."

My illustrations were brought to life in their own miniature 3-dimensional town.

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